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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning & Certification

We provide hood cleaning and certification based on the standards set by NFPA 96. Our technicians will clean your system down to bare metal, meaning that we clean the inside/outside of the hood, up-ducts, down-ducts, horizontal ducts, fan blades, motors, and access panels. All grease and waste is removed from your restaurant and is disposed of.

A current sticker of Certification is placed on each hood upon completion of service, visible to inspectors from the Fire Department, Health Department, and insurance companies.

Exhaust Hood Repair and Maintenance

Our technicians can provide basic maintenance or detailed repair of the exhaust system as needed. After an initial inspection, we will diagnose the problem and propose a detailed solution for your consideration.

Equipment/Deep Cleaning (Post Re-Modeling/Construction)

In addition to exhaust system service, we provide deep cleaning services for kitchens and kitchen equipment, able to remove years of accumulated build-up. Even after remodeling or construction, we can come in and clean all equipment, floors, and walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I regularly clean my kitchen hoods?

Properly cleaning and maintaining your kitchen exhaust system will greatly reduce or even eliminate the possibility of grease fires in the exhaust system. Additionally, the Health Department, Fire Departments and insurance companies all require you frequently clean and maintain your systems.

How often should the hoods in our restaurants be cleaned?

According to NFPA-96 Standard (Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations), the following schedule shall be followed:

  • Non-regular use systems (e.g., seasonal operations)
  • Low-volume systems (e.g., pizza oven, pasta cooker)
  • Mid/High-volume systems (e.g., fryer, wok, grill)
  • Systems utilizing solid fuel (e.g., wood, charcoal)

I have my restaurant workers clean the inside of the hoods...why should I have you come and do it instead?

It is not reasonable to expect your restaurant workers to know what parts of the exhaust system need to be cleaned and how to clean them without damaging the system or nearby systems.

Keep in mind the exhaust system is much more than what you see inside the hood in the kitchen. Proper cleaning entails cleaning the motor and ducts on the roof, for example, using a combination of chemicals, scraping and steam washing. Great care must also be given to clean yet not offset the fire suppression system (e.g., fuselinks). Because of these conditions, NFPA guidelines stipulate that an "outside, certified provider shall clean the system".

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